HETRON F 645 TFE is a polyester, flame retarded resin, thixotropic and pre-accelerated. It contains mineral fillers.

•HDT – 90 °C,
•Density – 1,45 kg/dm3,
•Viscosity, Brookfield (RV2, 20 rpm) – 1400 mPas,
•Geltime at 23°C (1,5% MEKP-50) – 15 min.

HETRON F 645 TFE is a pre-accelerated, thixotropic flame retardant resin based on a unsaturated polyester containing mineral fillers. It contains neither halogen nor antimony compounds. The colour of the resin is white.

HETRON F 240 TF resin can be used in spray-up and hand lay-up process. It is particulary recommended for finished products which need very good flame retardency and low smoke toxicity, e.g. construction (sanitary etc.), and transport (trains underground/subway).

Fire retardant properties:

•Epiradiator Test (LNE – 10/08) — M2 (method NF 92-501),
•Smoke Test (Stratiforme-12/08) — F1 (method NFF 16-101),
•DIN 5510 part 2 (DB-11/08) — S4 SR2 ST2,
•DIN 5510 attachment C (DB-11/08) — CIT 4 min = 0,012,
•DIN 5510 attachment C (DB-11/08) — CIT 8 min = 0,059,
•UL 94 (LNE-03/13) — V-0.

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