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Gelcoat based on a mixture, mainly of polyester and isophthalic resin.

It is pre-accelerated, intended for spraying.

  • Brookfield viscosity at 23°C (10 rpm) – 9000 mPas,
  • Viscosity (plate and cone) at 23°C > 230 mPas,
  • Gelling time at 23°C (2.0% MEKP–50) – 8 min.

ENGUARD GP SA is a high quality base gelcoat for colouring with INSTINT, based on mixtures, mainly of polyester and isophthalic resin. It is is pre-accelerated.

The gelcoat’s formula is optimized to produce products with good mechanical properties, high impact strength, good flexibility and resistance to weather conditions.

The SA version is suitable for spraying.

The ENGUARD GP SA gelcoat is recommended for use in industrial applications in the construction and structural industries e.g. in silos and gondolas for wind turbines. ENGUARD GP SA is not recommended for use at high temperature and/or humidity applications with direct exposure to water or steam, e.g. marine, sanitary or swimming pool applications.


  • Mix the gelcoat thoroughly before use,
  • temperature of the room, raw materials and tools used should be within the range of 18 – 25°C, with relative humidity below 70%,
  • Processing of the gelcoat should be carried out indoors and out of direct sunlight,
  • amount of catalyst used (MEKP) should be within the range of 1.5 – 2.5%,
  • thickness of the layer of gelcoat applied should be within the range of 600 – 1000 µm.

C-L Sp. z o.o. has the possibility to produce gelcoat in any colour of the RAL and INSTINT pallets.

The minimum number of orders from the aforementioned colour pallets is 1 hob (approx. 20 kg).


bucket 20 kg

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