AROPOL XO is polyester resin for manufacturing of high quality moulds. Application of resin is easy due to its low viscosity and high thixotropic index.

  • Density – 1,37 kg/dm3,
  • Viscosity at 23oC (1,0 % MEKP) Brookfield RV3, 10 rpm – 2300 mPas,
  • Viscosity at 23°C (płytka i stożek) – 330 mPas,
  • Geltime at 23°C (1,5 % MEKP) – 50 min,
  • Peak exotherm – 90°C.

AROPOL XO tooling resin is a new tooling resin based on Ashland’s proven low profile (LP) technology. AROPOL XO provides efficient way of building high quality FRP tools with good dimensional stability.

The characteristics of AROPOL XO resin are:

  • Ease of application, due to low viscosity, by spray-up or hand lay-up,
  • Excellent curing where only peroxide has to be added,
  • Good mechanical strength and heat resistance creates a long lifetime tool.

Low shrinkage gives the final tool a superior surface profile and good dimension stability.

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