AME 6000 T35

AME 6000 T35 is a vinyl ester resin, thixotropic, pre-accelerated, with low styrene emission for high class marine applications.

  • HDT – 79 °C (2h at temp. 60°C),
  • HDT – 124 °C (2h at temp. 138°C),
  • Viscosity, Brookfield ( LVT sp 3 / 60 rpm) – 525 mPas,
  • Geltime at 23°C (1,5 % MEKP) – 35 min,
  • Exothermic peak at 23°C – 180°C.


AME 6000 T-35 premium marine resin is a preaccelerated, thixotropic low VOC epoxy vinyl esterbased laminating resin. High performance marine composites can be constructed using AME 6000 T-35 resin offering:
– superior laminate strength,
– high heat resistance,
– good surface quality,
– excellent hydrolysis resistance,
– user friendly processing.

AME 6000 T-35 resin is recommended for marine applications and can be hand layed-up or sprayed-up.

AME 6000 T-35 is designed as a premium skin coat resin and back up resin for high performance off-shore motor and sailing yachts, that remain in the water for an extended period of time.

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AME 6000 T35

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