About company


A few words about the C-L company

C-L Sp. z o. o. is a trade company located in Słupsk. It was established in 1998 by the leaders of polish chemical industry, Connector (Poznań) and Laminopol (Słupsk). The idea behind formation of the C-L Sp. z o. o. was to create a significant competitive advantage on the market by tightening the collaboration within the group and strengthening its purchasing power.

We are the leading distributor of chemicals and equipment for composites production. Our suppliers we cooperate with have well established and significant position on the market worldwide. Together we form a system that is created to guarantee our professional customers the optimal production conditions thus maximizing profits and assuring constant development of their companies. This system takes into account the state of the art technological solutions based on the most severe environmental criteria but also extensiveness and continuity of supplies.

Ikona doskonałej logistyki


A very well-developed distribution network in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe.

Just in time

We provide fast and safe delivery of purchased goods, which will be taken care of by our extensive logistics department.

Ikona dostępne

A wide range of products

We offer our clients the highest quality materials at favorable prices, available immediately.

Road to succes


2022 Certificate ISO 9001

Firma C-L Sp. Z. o. o spełnia najwyższe standardy branżowe czego potwierdzeniem jest uzyskania certyfikatu DEKRA – ISO 9001!

2021 Launch of the ISO 9001 procedure

2017 IT system – ERP class

In order to improve each stage of distribution system (suppliers and stock management, relationship with clients), ERP class of IT system was implemented.

2015 Technological office

In Transfer Centre of Composite’s Technology, C-L technological office was created. The aim of the office was to extend technological support.

2013 C-L Vostok

Russia became the next country on C-L’s distribution map.

2012 C-L Composites Distribution

The next step to mark C-L’s presence in Middle – East Europe was to create C-L Composites Distribution S.R.L.in Bucharest (Romania).

2005 C-L in Ukraine

As a result of raising of Ukraine’s composites market, TOW C-L Ukraina was established.

1998 Company’s Opening

C-L was created by founders of two companies – Connector from Poznań and Laminopol from Słupsk. The name of C-L comes from the first letters of Connector and Laminopol names.

Technical support

We focus on development

Training and product implementations
Technical seminars and conferences
Vocational training at producers
Support for technological projects
Optimization of production processes
Support for innovative solutions

Our workers

Rafał Bierzanowski
Chairman of the Board
Agnieszka Zduńska
Procurement Director & Logistics Director Tel: 602 178 824
Janusz Golonka
Sales Development Director Tel: 604 420 453
Tomasz Zimny
Regional Sales Manager – PODKARPACIE PROVINCE Tel: 604 585 575
Daniel Zapolski
Regional Sales Manager – MAZOWIECKIE PROVINCE Tel: 608 303 732
Artur Janowski
Key Account Manager C&E Europe Tel: 662 223 159
Commercial and Technical Advisor – SILESIA Tel: 881 093 260
Artur Cyganek
Technologist Tel: 882 121 918
Jerzy Miśków
Technologist Tel: 604 420 451